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worstcarieverhad. Could be on our show! https://twitter.com/jimmyfallon/status/337330297081303041
  • Yearly conversations at the Creswell boy's weekend about cars
  • A feature in Automobile Magazine on Honda 600's 


  1. Rick's cars
    60 Renault $5 from Tim $5 from me Dad drove and wrecked before we even drove
    65 Mustang convertible
    60 Alpine sunbeam convertible with hardtop
    62 white Chrysler convertible
    69 blue Plymouth ex police
    64 Ford Falcon 91 Nisson Lt PU
    68 Beetle 2002 Accent
    69 VW fastback
    64 Pinto
    74 Beetle
    68 Beetle
    86 Geo
    87 Chevvy

  2. I thought the 9-seater wagon was a Plymouth. But that's memory for you.I remember throwing up once in the back seat but not the third seat. I believe both parents were in the front seat discussin'
    We had some nasty cars- anyone remember the Rambler American wagon?
    a 56 chevvy ex taxi with the muffler that kept falling off
    a fiat that flew with the 9' pram on top when we went to Bruce Mines Ont